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Smart Grid offers energy storage systems for industrial and mobile applications, based on the principles of Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, flow batteries or chemical and liquid energy storage solutions. In addition, Smart Grid offers modules that can interface via smart technologies from the different energy storage systems to the different end-user applications. Through a unique and flexible design, Smart Grid has brought the technology to its robust, modular and scalable products. The systems are applied in various applications and markets. This can vary from a few kW per hour to several MW per hour, supplied both as standard container solutions and as customer-specific solutions.


Smart Grid’s design makes it possible to make an autonomous link with clean energy production (solar or wind) and existing electricity networks in a simple way, in order to supply energy on AC and DC in the various application areas via (temporary) storage. Through our in-house developed software and thorough system integration set-up, our customers can use the energy systems for, among other things, energy trading, peak shaving, load balancing, DC and AC micro grid, and back-up power (UPS).

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