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Safe storage. Scalable design. SmartGrid.

Clean energy storage solutions to power electrification.

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SmartGrid is a cleantech solution provider of energy storage systems that are fundamentally safe, easily scalable and inherently smart.

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Who is SmartGrid?

With more than 10 years of experience in battery systems, we combine deep expertise, local production and ambitious sustainability criteria to create innovative energy storage solutions that link generation and application.


What makes us different?

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The SmartGrid product promise

Because we custom build in The Netherlands, develop our systems in-house and test our products to extreme conditions, we can deliver every solution with our SmartGrid product promise:

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two smartgrid container batteries
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Battery Storage Container SmartGrid
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Energy storage solutions

Unlock your transition to clean & green operations with SmartGrid’s advanced energy storage solutions.

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Solutions by industry

From construction to transport and off-grid living, the world is electrifying. With SmartGrid's modular and scalable technology, we design, engineer and deliver solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

How we work

SmartGrid is your full-service energy storage partner, supporting the entire process from design to delivery.

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SmartGrid is a Koolen Industries group company

SmartGrid was founded by Koolen Industries to deliver storage solutions as part of the group's goal to make clean energy the new normal for everyone.

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Recent updates

Check-in here for everything from news updates to customer interviews, short videos, inspiring stories, and more!

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When it comes to energy storage, we choose SmartGrid because it fits our philosophy of sustainability, safety and ethical considerations.


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SmartGrid is a Koolen Industries group company, you can subscribe to the Koolen Industries newsletter to stay up to date on the latest clean energy news!

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