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We develop battery storage systems to replace polluting technologies. That is our way of contributing to the energy transition.

While you can count on our products to deliver the same remarkable performance every day, we are constantly changing, looking for better, more innovative solutions to power electrification at any location.

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The SmartGrid philosophy

To us, smart means doing things differently. It’s about thinking two steps ahead, listening to the customer and never compromising safety. That’s why we hire talented people that are experts in their field and driven to make an impact.


We believe that through laser-sharp focus and a 100% in-house development & production process, we can create superior products that work flawlessly and stand the test of time.


While we have proven configurations, we scale the performance of each product to the needs of our customers.


We focus our expertise, energy and efforts on challenges where we can make a significant contribution.


Whether it's assembly, business, configuration or development, our team can handle any energy storage challenge.

SmartGrid is not about the leadership team. It's about all the brilliant people that put in the effort every day

Rob Engelen
CCO, SmartGrid

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