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Powering clean events with battery systems 

Tackling logistics, waste and energy supply, events are transitioning towards a holistic, circular approach to sustainability. At SmartGrid, we are the energy storage partner to provide clean and silent power supply for events of all sizes.

Empowering sustainability for events

From providing clean power for all operational demands to offering modern EV charging options to visitors, SmartGrids mobile energy storage solutions are ready to support events in a clean, electrified future. With intuitive software, real-time insights and scalable capacity & power, our solutions put you in charge of a smooth energy management system.

SmartGrid works exclusively with the A-grade LFP technology featuring industry leading safety characteristics, making all our solutions ready to be deployed close to people and crowds.

Decreasing the footprint with storage solutions

Improve sustainability planning

A large, multi-day festival typically consumes up to 50,000 liters of Diesel per edition. Often more than 100 generators produce 130,000kg of local CO2 emissions.


Introducing SmartGrid’s advanced energy storage solutions to your events can drastically cut local and overall emissions, creating a clean, more enjoyable visitor experience with a lower footprint. Deploying battery systems charged with electricity from renewable sources can also provide advantages for requesting permits in cities.

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EV charging port at event

Provide EV charging capabilities

With more and more electric vehicles on the road comes the requirement of easy charging options at events.

Through SmartGrid’s powerful output characteristics, scalable capacity and built-in fast chargers (on request), you can provide visitors with a hassle-free charging experience.

Off-grid energy supply

When your events take place at exciting off-grid locations, SmartGrid’s modular solutions can be designed to deliver the right capacity to power even multi-day events completely off the grid.


Our easy-to-use software gives detailed real-time insights into energy usage patterns to improve strategic planning across your portfolio of events.

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Government regulations & subsidies

To support the transition to clean events, authorities have put out various resources for forward-thinking event planners.


To improve the sustainability aspects of events in the city, Amsterdam gives a top impact ranking for introducing clean energy storage solutions to events.

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