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eco-village offgrid living

Enabling off-grid electricity supply with SmartGrid

SmartGrid’s compact battery systems are designed to be the heart of your micro grid, connecting local renewables generation with electricity demand. Our comprehensive yet simple software gives you detailed insights and the SmartGrid solution itself is emission-free and quiet, so it can be placed close to where people live without disturbing the day-to-day.
To deliver a long-term solution with a low footprint, we exclusively work with modern LFP battery cell technology that conforms to the highest performance, ethical and environmental standards.

Energy storage to power off-grid living

Living & working off-the-grid is rapidly gaining popularity, allowing for full control of energy & material flows and opening up new possibilities at exciting locations. At SmartGrid, we are the off-grid battery partner to power local micro-grids and off-grid ambitions.

Energy storage solutions for autonomous living

Connect supply & demand in a local micro grid


With a built-in variety of input/output connections, inverters and remote-ready technology, SmartGrid is your all-in-one electricity buffer and grid control unit.


Our solution can store electricity from a variety of sources simultaneously and deliver different output levels for different applications at your off-grid location, all year round.

worker demonstrates container battery operation
smartgrid container view through building

No specialist knowledge required

Our user-friendly software makes our products easy to install and simple to manage, even without a specialist background.


SmartGrid’s container solutions can be operated through a built-in touchscreen display or remotely from any computer and on-the-go.

Matching philosophies

Off-grid is about taking control and ownership of your footprint. That’s exactly why, at SmartGrid, we perform every step from design to delivery in-house, so we can create for recyclability and control precisely what materials go into our products.


We work exclusively with LFP battery cells, as lithium and iron as main elements are ethically sourced and are fully recyclable.

tiny house eco village

SmartGrid is the heart of our local micro-grid. We can’t do without it. The picture isn’t complete otherwise.

Edwin Blom
Basecamp Ecoresorts

See how SmartGrid supports Basecamp Ecoresorts

Discover how regenerative holiday park Basecamp powers their micro-grid with the SmartGrid battery system

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