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Intelligent connections for generation and application

For network managers, renewables operators and governments, advanced battery systems for temporary or permanent applications can unlock network capacity, improve renewables integration and provide actionable data. From a few kWh’s up to many MWh’s, we provide scalable technology in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers, multiple connected stationary systems or individual battery racks for existing infrastructure, ready to tackle any limitations of local grid infrastructure.
Every SmartGrid battery system comes with comprehensive software to monitor & take action, and full remote control capabilities, so you’re ready for a smart and connected energy future.

Stabilizing electricity grids through battery systems

Existing grid infrastructure is quickly reaching its limits, with power generation becoming more decentralized & unpredictable, and demand patterns changing entirely. At SmartGrid, we are the battery system partner to stabilize grids through intelligent buffering and scalable storage.

How batteries stabilize modern grids

Reduce curtailment of wind and solar generation


Smart battery systems can balance the variable generation profiles of various renewable energy sources, improving capacity utilization and reducing curtailment.


Combining generation with energy storage can also cut the amount of connected power in half.

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smartgrid container batteries in use

Provide system stability

Connected energy storage installations provide resources and stability to the electricity grid on a regional and national level.


With flexible, remote-controlled storage or delivery capacity, SmartGrid’s solutions are compatible with most EMS software systems and ready for use on imbalance markets, FCR and aFFR.

Actionable insights

With a smart, connected battery system, operators receive real-time data on performance that can aid decision making for your trading strategy.


SmartGrid gives you easy access to advanced data sets that can be used to analyze, predict and improve your energy operations.

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Through the unique combination of SmartGrid’s battery storage and other energy management systems, we have created a very robust distribution network.

Maarten van Raaij
Dynniq Energy

Government regulations & subsidies

To support the introduction of clean energy storage solutions such as SmartGrid, authorities have put out various resources for grid stabilization operations.


Businesses can apply for this subsidy for stationary storage solutions that can be remote-controlled controlled in the context of the dynamic sharing market.

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