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smartgrid batteries for rent

Rental-ready by default

Replacing diesel generators throughout industries creates large-scale demand for rental battery systems. SmartGrid’s mobile energy storage solutions are designed with the demands of battery rental and industry experts at heart. To us, rental-ready systems mean easy transport options, flexible in- and output connections, robust architecture and intuitive, remote-ready software.

Built on modular technology, we can work with you to design a fleet of battery systems suitable for diverse applications, but drawing on the same superior safety and performance characteristics.

Battery systems designed for the demands of rental

As the world is electrifying and polluting technologies face more and more restrictions, the rental power supply sector is transforming. At SmartGrid, we are the partner for compact, mobile battery systems for hassle-free rental experiences.

Compact, mobile battery systems for rental businesses

One technology, many applications

Whether your customers require peak power for greenfields construction sites or constant output to power events with crowds, all our systems are designed to handle the most demanding and diverse applications.


SmartGrid works exclusively with A-grade LFP technology to power superior performance, reliability and safety.

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close-up hand using smartgrid battery touchscreen

Intuitive operator onboarding

With every rental comes a new power supply challenge. To facilitate a smooth installation and operation process, every SmartGrid container solution comes with a built-in touchscreen display that features easy-to-use software to control all aspects of the system remotely and on-site.


Plug-and-play connections make on-premise setup an easy and fast task for your operators.

Remote support & insights

While your storage solution is out in the field, you have real-time access to a comprehensive set of data points through our built-in 4G connection.


Instead of on-site visits, you can provide digital customer service, maintenance and adjustments through a digital interface. When it comes to invoicing, our platform gives you detailed insights into power usage.

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