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Powering electric equipment with SmartGrid

SmartGrid’s modular storage solutions are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the modern construction site and deliver flexibility, autonomy and reliability for the long-run. Providing unique, digital insights into power usage, intuitive software and flexible connections make our mobile battery systems easy to navigate across construction sites, teams and skillsets. 


For city locations or protected environments, when a compact, clean, zero-emission solution is called-for, SmartGrid can supply technology that conforms to the highest safety and engineering standards.

Energy storage solutions for zero emission construction

With increasing government regulations and leading construction firms making massive investments, the race towards emission-free construction is on. At SmartGrid, we are the energy storage solution partner to accelerate your transition to emission-free operations.

Clean energy storage for construction

Turn small connections into powerful energy sources


With a SmartGrid mobile storage solution, you can turn any limited network connection into a powerful source of energy.


Through peak shaving & peak shifting functions, SmartGrid will be ready to deliver charging power for equipment and machinery whenever you need it. No matter how much capacity and output is needed, we can easily scale our technology to your needs.

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Save time and avoid approval processes

Especially in cities, access to peak power from the grid is increasingly limited.


With a SmartGrid battery storage container, you avoid the cost and delay of a tedious approval process and can focus on getting the work done instead.

Win contracts with emission-free requirements

Embracing an electrified future by combining electric equipment with SmartGrid’s clean energy storage will set you up for long-term success.


When zero pollution and quiet operations are demanded, your firm will be first in line to win even the most demanding contracts.

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During the expansion of our headquarters in Rijssen, it was our ambition to not use any Diesel generators. To get familiar with robust, but most importantly green energy storage, we partnered with SmartGrid.

Nijhuis Bouw B.V.

Government regulations & subsidies

To support the introduction of clean energy storage solutions such as SmartGrid, authorities have put out various resources for forward-thinking construction businesses. Click on a tile below to visit the official resource on the relevant authority website.


Businesses can receive support for up to 50% of the additional cost when purchasing storage solutions such as batteries.

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