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Enabling large-scale charging

SmartGrid’s energy storage systems are designed to support ultra-fast charging for trucks and delivery vehicles, providing constant output independent of grid connections. Our modular systems can easily be scaled, connected and extended to support vehicle fleets of any size and future growth. Simply connect fast chargers to the built-in DC or AC connections, or contact us for a custom storage solution with integrated CCS2 fast chargers.

To power the extra mile whenever you need it, SmartGrid’s battery systems support deep discharging without any long-term implications on battery cell health or capacity.

Powering vehicle charging for transport and logistics

Tomorrow’s zero-emissions zones for trucks and delivery vehicles are creating new charging and network challenges for electric vehicle fleets. At SmartGrid, we are the partner for charging-ready battery systems to power your EV logistics and transport.

Powerful battery systems for transport & logistics

Peak shaving & shifting through storage

Depending on the business and delivery schedules, fully electric fleets can lead to large peaks in demand and suboptimal on-premise charging capabilities as a consequence.


SmartGrid’s charging-ready storage systems amplify your existing network connection and optimize vehicle operations, so you can avoid any grid restrictions and charge your fleet during every stationary moment.

european truck on snow covered road
smartgrid batteries charging electric trucks

Accelerate your transition to EV’s

Converting an entire vehicle fleet from fossil-fuels to electric alternatives requires large new network connections, which are expensive and take time to implement.


With SmartGrid’s storage solutions, you can minimize the need for new connections at existing locations and speed up the introduction of electric vehicles to the fleet.

Facilitate easier location choice

The location of distribution and logistic centers is often crucial to its operational value and viability. But net congestion is increasingly constraining available locations.


Introducing SmartGrid’s advanced storage solutions into your strategic plans creates flexibility and unlocks new opportunities.

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Government regulations & subsidies

To support the introduction of clean transport, authorities have put out various resources for forward-thinking businesses.


According to the Dutch climate agreement, 30 cities will introduce a zero-emission zone for all trucks and delivery vehicles from 2025 onwards.

Read more.

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Companies can receive up to 5000 Euros in financial support for the purchase of a zero-emissions delivery vehicle.
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