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smartgrid container battery stacked

Container solutions

Large-scale energy storage solutions to power electrification for industrial, energy intensive applications.

Modular by design, scalable to your project

SmartGrid’s flexible container-based battery technology is developed to free organizations from any grid limitations. From anything between a few kWh to several MWh, our products are a robust, reliable source of clean energy and put you in charge of how you power your business. All storage solutions come with SmartGrid’s proprietary software that allows smart control, remote access and optimal power provisioning.

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SG10 AC 250-500 & SG20 AC 250-750 &

SG20 AC 500-1000


Constructions sites

Heavy-duty vehicle charging

Grid balancing & peak shaving

Festivals & large events


Easy integration of renewables

Off-grid living & communities

Ready for battery rental

Maximize HBE subsidy


A zero-emission alternative for polluting technologies

Complete, integrated storage solution

Intuitive, modern operating software

Ultra-long product lifetime

100% modular and flexible packs

Scalable & customizable to your project’s needs

Designed according to the highest safety standards

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person welding a battery rack
smartgrid battery containers in a row
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Made in The Netherlands

Our energy storage solutions are developed, manufactured and tested by our local team, at our locations.

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Ultra-long product lifetime

SmartGrid products will power your business for up to 20 years, without compromising performance.

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100% recyclable components

Anything that goes into a SmartGrid product can be fully dismantled and reclaimed. We provide free end-of-life services as with every solution.

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