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Trailer solutions

Portable powersources for remote or off-grid locations. 

Energy Trailer 

The Smart Grid Energy Trailer plug & play, completely mobile power supply solution has been developed with the goal to substitute diesel generators on remote or off-grid locations. We have combined the latest technology with high-end battery solutions and components in order to create a sustainable and reliable power supply. 

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Off-grid application

  • constructions sites

  • EV-road side mobile power

  • film crew power support

  • light system supply

  • communication or industrials sites

  • event locations

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energy trailer inside view
  • A cost-efficient zero-emission alternative for diesel generators

  • Complete hardware and software solution

  • Reliable and durable off-grid solution

  • Due to the light weight (750 kg) no commercial driver's license is required

  • Completely mobile, easy to transport

  • Long product life paired with low maintenance 

  • Designed according to the highest safety standards 

Technical specifications

Questions about the Energy Trailer or other sustainable power solutions?