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A Koolen Industries
group company

SmartGrid is part of the Koolen Industries group, a collective of more than 25 leading organisations working together to realise the energy transition.

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Founded by Koolen Industries

SmartGrid was founded by Koolen Industries to deliver storage solutions as part of the group's goal to make clean energy the new normal for everyone.

About Koolen Industries

Koolen Industries was founded in 2019 by entrepreneur and investor Kees Koolen with the goal of realising the rapid transition to clean, renewable energy.

Today, Koolen Industries has shares in more than 25 leading organisations within the clean energy industry. From generation to application, and beyond.


In the next 5 years, Koolen Industries has the ambitious plan to become the leading provider of full-service clean energy solutions through its innovative ‘one-stop-shop’ model.

Koolen Industries invests in clean energy technologies that tackle real-world challenges.


Koolen Industries enables its group companies to work together toward a new normal.


Koolen Industries delivers reliable solutions that make clean energy accessible for everyone.

KI Group Company Logo Colour-Black.png

Storage systems are a vital part of the energy transition, as it links energy generation with energy consumption. SmartGrid excel at providing large-scale stationary and mobile applications that offer safe, flexible, and highly reliable storage capacity, with relatively short delivery times.

Kees Koolen

CEO & Founder, Koolen Industries

The benefits for our customers

As a SmartGrid customer, you benefit from our connection to the larger Koolen Industries group in a variety of ways:


There are hundreds of clean energy experts within the group companies that we collaborate with to ensure our solutions are always cutting edge.


Local production and collaborative in-house networks help us to streamline production processes and fast-track project delivery.


Need a fully integrated solution connecting storage, mobility, and technology? We can work together with other group companies and make it happen.

SmartGrid and the Koolen Industries clean energy mission

Ready to get started with a clean energy storage solution?

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