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Regenerative holiday park Basecamp powers micro-grid with SmartGrid battery systems

Basecamp IJmuiden is Europe’s first regenerative holiday park, combining an array of off-grid, circular solutions for housing, energy supply and food into a unique visitor experience. To power the park’s off-grid electricity network, Basecamp IJmuiden choose SmartGrid’s advanced 500kWh battery energy storage system as the heart of their micro-grid.

SmartGrid energy storage solution for micro grid Basecamp

An introduction to Basecamp

Situated just a stone’s throw away from the Dutch Kennemermeer nature reserve, the team at Basecamp is developing the blueprint for a new kind of holiday park where improving biodiversity, ecological recovery and leaving a positive climate impact are woven into each aspect of the park’s operations. The team is testing new technologies for energy generation, heating, storage and more to reach their off-grid ambitions.

Connecting generation and application

To take full control of their energy supply, Basecamp has created a micro-grid, where SmartGrid’s energy buffer connects generation capacity from solar & wind with smart applications in the 30+ tiny houses. With a variety of built-in connections, multiple energy sources with varying outputs and generation profiles can be easily connected into one system. The battery’s smart software and detailed data insights make understanding the park’s unique demand & supply profiles a lot easier.


“SmartGrid is part of the complete Basecamp energy solution. We can’t do without it. The picture isn’t complete otherwise”

Edwin Blom, Systems Architect at Basecamp

Tiny house park overview Basecamp Ijmuiden

Off-grid energy supply throughout the seasons

SmartGrid’s battery system helps the team at Basecamp to manage their electricity supply as generation and demand patterns change throughout the seasons. In summer, the SmartGrid container provides large storage capacity for the park’s strong solar generation. During winter, the team uses the energy buffer for peak shaving, when the electric heating systems of the 30+ tiny houses create moments of peak demand.

System safety a #1 concern

People live, work and sleep at Basecamp IJmuiden and children play freely around the park. So the safety characteristics of a battery system that is placed close to people were a top concern for the park’s technical team. Since all of SmartGrid’s solutions are built exclusively with A-grade LFP technology and undergo heavy testing at the Dutch production site, our 500kWh container solution was the perfect fit for Basecamp.


“When it comes to storage, we choose SmartGrid because it fits our philosophy of sustainability, safety and ethical considerations”

Eelke Pollé

Founder at Basecamp

Basecamp Ijmuiden tiny house

What’s next for Basecamp?

Basecamp’s IJmuiden location is a huge success, being fully booked most nights and receiving consistent 5 star feedback from enthusiastic visitors. With SmartGrid as a scalable partner for energy storage solutions, Basecamp is planning an ambitious expansion to 20 locations across Europe. Having perfected a system for off-grid energy supply, the team is leaving electricity network limitations behind and planning on bringing their autonomous park design to beautiful locations far away from any existing grid connection.


More about energy storage for micro-grids?

At SmartGrid, we are the off-grid battery partner to power local micro-grids and off-grid ambitions.

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