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A first for Hengelo: the first fair to run without fossil fuel emissions

This year's Lambertus Fair in Hengelo can count on a lot of attention but from a rather unusual angle. The fair received a lot of publicity not for its unique bumper cars or new attractions, but for its energy supply. Relying on smart battery systems, the fair is the first of its kind to run without fossil fuel emissions.

Replacing the diesel generator

The diesel generator is no stranger to the fair and events industry. Today, it's still being used at nearly every fair to supply attractions with sufficient power. To take steps towards a greener future, the team behind the Lambertus fair was looking for sustainable alternatives. Enter SmartGrid’s best-in-show battery-system solution with smart controls and insights. With this energy storage solution in place, Lambertus no longer has to rely on fossil fuels to power the various attractions and food stalls.

An eye for the future

Engaging SmartGrid's battery systems during this year's edition was a great step toward sustainability, but the fair's organizers want to take things further with the ambition to use exclusively sustainable alternatives in the coming years. To support a fair powered by clean energy, the team has started closely monitoring the electricity consumption of the fair's attractions. A clear picture of the peaks and troughs in electricity consumption delivers more insights and opportunities for optimization, which can lead to further reductions in the energy required by attractions. Based on this, the SmartGrid batteries can better recognize patterns so that available energy is used in a more efficient way and the right battery systems are selected, also for other fairs.

Hengelo's alderman Claudio Bruggink is excited about the fair, too. He shares the goal to carefully monitor the use of fossil fuels and energy at other events, too, so that entertainment and sustainability can go hand in hand. Bruggink hopes that the fair is a source of inspiration for other entrepreneurs and businesses in the region.

Scalable, safe solutions

Even the energy needs of large-scale projects can be met with modern battery systems from SmartGrid. One fully-charged battery container can independently power an entire street with 72 households for 24 hours. The storage systems are developed to stand the test of time and have a planned lifetime of 22 years, based on a daily charge and discharge. One-half of such a container storage solution consists of cells, while the other half is taken up by metering and control technology to manage incoming and outgoing power streams. The system automatically detects peaks and troughs at the network connection and can jump in when necessary. The result is an optimally functioning energy supply powered by containerized solutions at an unprecedented safety level down to the last cell.


Want to power your next event or fair with clean energy?

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