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Safe operation
at any location

While performance is key, safety during operation forms the foundation of everything we do.

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A-grade LFP technology

All SmartGrid products, engineering, and solutions are extensively tested. We build with A-grade Lithium Iron Phosphate cell technology and only the most robust, reliable components.

Part of our DNA

At SmartGrid, we weave safety into all our processes, practices and products. That means your solution is made safely, transported safely and will perform safely.

What you can expect from SmartGrid:

Diligent design
When designing your storage solution, we take external factors such as weather conditions, operating altitude and temperature into account.

Thorough testing

Before any storage system leaves our factory, we test extreme and edge cases to guarantee its safety in tough conditions.

Remote monitoring

Our systems feature reliable self-maintenance, automated notifications and remote diagnosis systems to assess the state of the system in real-time.

two men looking at safety touch screen

Safety through technology choices

At SmartGrid, we work exclusively with A-grade LFP (LiFePO4) cell technology. This cell chemistry has a comparably high temperature runway, above 250 degrees Celsius, and poses a low safety risk as a consequence.


In contrast, many of the other, more traditional cell technologies, such as NCA or NMC chemistries, contain Nickel, Cobalt or Manganese as key components. If these metals catch fire, their burn characteristics release oxygen, pose a high risk of cell-to-cell propagation and are extremely hard to control.

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Superior reliability and lifetime

Due to advanced lithium-iron-phosphate cell technology and strong chemical bonding of molecules, all SmartGrid solutions provide constant power during the entire discharge process. 

Deep cycle discharge of up to 90%, when required even up to 100%, is supported without the risk of dendrites forming inside the cells. This low internal resistance by design also allows for SmartGrid’s ultra-long product lifetime of up to 8000 charge cycles.

System safety is guaranteed through 24/7 monitoring of temperature, voltages and more key metrics on a cell level. Should values move beyond certain parameters, this is being noticed by our safety system and action is taken immediately.

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