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Smart control
real-time connection

All our solutions feature options to connect, interface and communicate with existing infrastructure.

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Real-time oversight

Energy storage systems live up to their full potential when they form an integrated part of the web of renewable generation, consumer & industry demand, and the electricity grid.


That's why every SmartGrid solution can connect, interface and communicate with your existing infrastructure.

Towards digital excellence

No matter your existing infrastructure, SmartGrid solutions come with a wide array of interfaces & functions with many more on request.


What you can expect from SmartGrid:

Remote ready

Connect to your energy system through fast internet and 4G connections to receive updates in real-time.


Combine monitoring data with power & energy forecasts to optimise the systems performance.

Intelligent interfaces

Access status, commands and diagnosis through local touchscreens or wired connections such as Profibus, CAN, and more.

hand touchscreen smartgrid system
two men working at a computer

Data on all components

To support optimal operations and long-term system health, all SmartGrid solutions come with comprehensive, real-time and remotely accessible insights and analytics.

Through our detailed ambience control system, you can get data on temperature levels for a variety of individual key components as well as overall humidity levels inside the container. And next to overall system health, you can view detailed breakdowns of voltage, currents, State-of-Health (SOH) and State-of-Charge (SOC) per battery cell bank.

Adjustments at the push of a button

With a built-in touchscreen control unit, all major performance settings can be viewed and changed immediately at the push of a button. For optimal power control, you can customize the behavior of SmartGrid’s built-in AC & DC in- and outlets, adjusting metrics such as desired voltage, currents and total power. Through our software you can also define peak shaving setpoints to tailor battery system operations to your local applications and context.

And due to SmartGrid’s 4G internet connections, our technical support team is never far and can provide assistance in a remote setting. Customized power and system analyses are available on demand.

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