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Storage solutions

Through modular product design, our technology can support all of your energy storage challenges, no matter the complexity. Choose from our container-based solutions or request a custom project.

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Container storage solutions

Safe operation
at any location

While performance is key, safety during operation forms the foundation of everything we do.

All SmartGrid products, engineering and solutions are extensively tested and meet the highest international safety and quality standards.

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Scale performance
to your project

With our engineering, production and software development teams based in The Netherlands, we deliver anything from standard container systems to fully tailored solutions for even the most demanding applications.

We have multiple storage options available to suit your unique needs.

Smart control,
real-time connection

Energy storage systems live up to their full potential, when they form an integrated part in the web of renewable generation, consumer & industry demand and the electricity grid.

All our solutions feature options to connect, interface and communicate with existing infrastructure.

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Made in The Netherlands

Our energy storage solutions are developed, manufactured and tested by our local team, at our locations.

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Ultra-long product lifetime

SmartGrid products will power your business for up to 20 years, without compromising performance.

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100% recyclable components

Anything that goes into a SmartGrid product can be fully dismantled and reclaimed. We provide free end-of-life services as with every solution.