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Trailer solutions

Mobile energy storage solutions to power electrification on-the-go with easy, plug-and-play connections.

Portable, yet powerful

SmartGrid’s mobile trailer-based battery solution is developed to provide hassle-free access to electricity at even the most remote locations. Combining cutting-edge technology with high-end battery solutions, the SmartGrid energy storage trailer is incredibly capable, while impressively simple to operate. With self-monitoring software and built-in AC output, all you need to do is flip the switch.

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Less than 750 kg
230/400V AC


Small constructions sites

EV roadside mobile charging

Film crew power support

Light system supply

Outdoor event locations


A cost-efficient zero-emission alternative for diesel generators

Complete hardware and software solution

Reliable and durable off-grid solution

No commercial driver's license is required due to the light weight (750 kg) 

Completely mobile, easy to transport

Long product life paired with low maintenance 

Designed according to the highest safety standards 

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Made in The Netherlands

Our energy storage solutions are developed, manufactured and tested by our local team, at our locations.

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Ultra-long product lifetime

SmartGrid products will power your business for up to 20 years, without compromising performance.

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100% recyclable components

Anything that goes into a SmartGrid product can be fully dismantled and reclaimed. We provide free end-of-life services as with every solution.