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Wind Turbines

Safe storage. Scalable design. SmartGrid.

Lead the energy transition with SmartGrid

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Every SmartGrid product is safe, scalable and undeniably smart.

Through modular product design, our technology can support all of your energy storage challenges, no matter the complexity. Choose from our modular stationary systems, request a custom solution or power electrification at any location with a mobile battery

Our solutions

Click on the relevant product sheet below to download the full product specifications.

SG10 AC 250-500 & SG20 AC 500-1250.png

SG10 AC 250-500 & SG20 AC 500-1250

 SG10 AC 480-480 & SG20 AC 960-960.png

SG10 AC 480-480 & SG20 AC 960-960


How we work

SmartGrid is your full-service energy storage partner, supporting the entire process from design to delivery.

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To support our growing team and customer base, we're constantly looking for motivated people that are experts in their field:




Commercial &

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